Dear World,

I've travelled around you for the past 14 years and collected 17 jobs in 13 countries, anywhere from North America to Australia passing through Europe and Middle East! I'm all about exploringdiscovering new countries, new cultures and new languages. I like to say that my worst enemy in Life is the Routine! I find it fascinating to meet, connect and learn from so different people. My most beautiful experiences have been about richness of diversity, people solidarity and connection with nature

I am just a F&B Manager, which is a quite boring job but I've always had the goal to find a career which would be meaningful, which would make the difference in communities and positively impact people's lives. I know it may sound stupid but I believe I am here on Earth and I have such a blessed life, for a reason and my goal is to find it.
What makes me think that I could and I should contribute in a big scale? The main demography of my team members, in the F&B business, has been young people, in their early 20'. My biggest accomplishment has been to be able to train, teach and coach them in their first steps of adulthood. I find it very rewarding to develop these kiddos, to show them their potential and give them the tools to reach it. I am so proud to see some of them now in assistant manager position, or some others who got the opportunity to go work in other countries. I like to think I was able to help them open these doors. The best compliment I have received in my career, when leaving a workplace, was not a "Goodbye", Best of Luck" but a "Thank You" card for my team.
Another value which means a lot to me is sustainability and environment. After experiencing outrageous practices in terms of energy consumption and recycling, like in Middle East (a ski resort in the middle of the desert, like, really??!!), I begun to feel very concerned about educating population about ecology. There is still so much to do, in terms of development, legislation, awareness and communication. I would love to get involved into the project of communicating, teaching, educating people to take care of you, Dear World, so you remain a great place to live for our future generations. 
Kindest Regards,