Routine: My favorite enemy!!

I have travelled for the past 12 years, lived in 10 countries and visited 12 others. Let’s say that I’m not quite sedentary!

Starting everything all over again is my source of adrenaline. New country, new people, new culture, new job, new apartment and new friends are synonyms of excitement. This kind of challenge makes me feel alive and pushes my limits even further. Discovering a new country, exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting new food, learning a new culture fulfill my curiosity and my avidity.

After one year in a new country, when “Comfort Zone” is usually reached, most of the people finally feel secure, relieved and can start enjoying a quiet and peaceful life. For me, it is beginning of boredom, discomfort, anxiety and claustrophobia in a settled life.

My dream: my suitcase in one hand, my passport in the other, “On The Road Again”, ready for a new adventure!

My life is a book where chapters follow each other and white pages are filled up with excitement, fun, learning and emotions.

The Globetrotteuse.